Saturday, February 13, 2010

Following the UAH shooting story

Again, I am putting links on my delicious page as the story develops.  See .

It has come out that apparently she shot her brother when she was younger,
though apparently that was clearly an accident.

The most depressing thing about this is that now the press is downplaying the tenure denial aspect of it as a possible main motive for the murders, presumably led by Fox News's odious story:

From Fox News, here is their lead-in at,2933,585682,00.html
Motive in Question as Professor Faces Murder Charge in Alabama Campus Shooting
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There "may never be a clear answer" as to why a biology professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville allegedlyvshot and killed three colleagues and wounded thre others, campus police said Saturday in a news conference.

If you read this article in detail, you see they have a few new interviews, but absolutely NO evidence of a motive other than the denial.

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